‘Almost All the Time’ started as a simple picture of a tree growing in the middle of a winding road but ended as a profoundly frivolous meditation on time!

The epic ‘City High Road’ canvas was a private commission which I personalised to create a one-off version of the print for the client. So the image contained photographs personal to the client and a caricature family portrait. It  was an experimental but interesting way of funding a new image. The picture shown above is a generic version of the canvas for sale generally. I’d be happy to make further personalised versions for anyone interested.

I was asked to make a canvas without drawn characters. This resulted in ‘Inhabited Water Lily’, an image made entirely of layered and collaged photographs and minimal painting.

I’ve since been experimenting with a further series of photo-canvases based loosely on my many flower photographs. I am constantly finding new technical ways of combining the images. The resulting canvases are more ‘abstract’ and decorative than my usual story-based images.

All works © Alan Rogers 2016. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Alan Rogers.