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In 2015 I was asked to create a series of relatively large canvases for a hotel/music venue in Gloucestershire. I decided to create images using collage techniques that related to my cut-out animation work. I wanted to combine my drawing with photography. This was something that I had done previously using paper and scissors, but by working digitally I could more effectively combine all of the elements. Being used to relatively small TV screens and book formats, I’d never worked digitally on this scale before. For this first commission, I made 9 canvases in total. It provided the template for most of my work from then on.

I was given free rein on the subject matter but obviously wanted the canvases to reflect their setting. I followed a loose ‘music’ theme creating images that told elusive stories. While the backgrounds were often largely photo-collage, the characters tended to be drawn and stylised in line with my children’s illustrations. I wanted to retain some of my usual humour and playfulness but added some darker, more adult ingredients.

I found that the pictures took on a life of their own. Each obscure story seemed to link to the others; sometimes unintentionally. So when the first commission had finished I continued adding narrative canvases, creating an almost parallel world.

Often I simply made the pictures for their own sake. Sometimes I funded the process by personalising some of the canvases for individual clients. All of the pictures are for sale as limited edition prints on canvas or paper. Please email me if you would like to purchase any of the images shown here or if you would like to discuss a commission.

All works © Alan Rogers 2015-18. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Alan Rogers.