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This was a job made in heaven! “The Convent” Member’s Club/ Hotel/Music Venue in Gloucestershire to be exact. It was once the home of a silent order of Poor Clare nuns.

I was commissioned to create a canvas for the bar area. So, in keeping with the site’s ecclesiastical heritage, I made an apocalyptic triptych. I decided to work digitally so that I could effectively combine my photographs and my drawings in an almost seamless whole. Being used to relatively small TV screens and book formats, I’d never worked digitally on this scale before. Each of the three panels was 1650mm x 740mm.

I was then commissioned to make further canvases for each of the hotel rooms as they were completed. The brief has been completely open so the subject matter is largely up to me. Obviously I want the pictures to work in their setting, so I’ve tried to make the subjects vaguely relevant to the venue. I’ve also been able to liaise with the room designer on colours etc. There are many rooms. The project is ongoing.

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