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I designed and directed Pigeon Street in 1979. It was a pre-school “See-Saw” series for the BBC. It was the first series that I was given the chance to design all characters from scratch. Previously I had worked on children’s TV series such as, Bod (1974) and The Flumps (1976) but they were primarily based on designs by other people.

Pigeon Street allowed me to develop a way of working and a graphic style that served me well in the years that followed. BBC budget restrictions and my own preference for working in small teams, meant that I chose to use the Cut-Out Animation technique rather than the more usual Cel Animation. I worked for the first time with animator Peter Lang who had previously worked on Ludwig and Sesame Street. We went on to work together for years as the Cut-Out Animation Company.

There were many characters in Pigeon Street all of which needed to stand out clearly on any number of different backgrounds. For visual clarity, I decided to use airbrush. This was a slightly reckless decision since I’d barely picked one up before. But it went on to be the mainstay of a graphic style that became the trade mark of the Cut-Out Animation Company and which I still often use today.

Pigeon Street was a regular feature on BBC TV throughout the 1980’s. A four episode set was released on VHS but in recent years has only been available through poor quality copies on You Tube.

It’s been a long time coming, but the entire series has now finally been remastered from the original 16mm film and released on DVD!

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