I have spent many years making animations with animator Peter Lang under the banner of The Cut-Out Animation Company. We don’t do that much anymore…. though we are always open to offers! I have covered this subject on the About Me page of this site. There is also a very old and creaky Cut-Out website at The site is in bad need of repair, which may get done someday. Meanwhile here is the last showreel we made –

This is a title sequence we did for a pilot reality TV series, where married couples swapped jobs for the day! –

The following movies are random samples from the Archive. They are all traditional cut-out animations made with paper cut-outs. They were mostly shot on16mm film, and it shows! One day I will create enhanced digital versions, but meanwhile try to enjoy the retro look.

All works © Alan Rogers 2015. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Alan Rogers.